Best Online Store in Indonesia

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Teenagers 14 Years Old, Find Dangerous Bugs on iPhone Devices

Teenagers 14 Years Old, Find Dangerous Bugs on iPhone Devices Some time ago, one of the video call applications made by Apple, FaceTime is known to have a bug or security hole that is quite serious on the iPhone device that runs the application.

The bug allows the caller to peek or see a video from the camera of the friend's contacted device, even though the call has not been picked up or received and is still ringing.

Video publications that show the demonstration of the bug, then crowded into net talk of citizens, especially the Apple smartphone users. However, did you know that the initial inventor of the bug turned out to be a teenager who was only 14 years old.

The teenager named Grant Thompson was first discovered to be someone who discovered critical bugs on the FaceTime application accidentally.

Initially Grant who was a hobby playing the Fortnite game was about to play a game with his friends, then. To facilitate communication in the game, Grant also tried to have a conv…

Syrian Rebels use iPad To Improve Mortars Accuracy

Syrian Rebels use iPad To Improve Mortars AccuracyMembers of the “Ansar Dimachk” Brigade, A fraction of the Free Syrian Army (Syrian Rebels) Using iPad To Improve Mortars Accuracy by determining the angle of fire.

China Most Powerful Armed Drone CH-5 UAV Makes its First Flight

China Most Powerful Armed Drone CH-5 UAV Makes its First FlightMost Powerful Armed Drone CH-5 drone with wingspan of 21 meters and range of more than 10,000 kilometers made is first flight in north China's Hebei Province, July 14, 2017.

The Ch-5 is capable of carrying upto two pairs on outboard pylons of each wing for total of eight 45 kg AR-1 supersonic anti-tank guided missiles with range of 10 km and upto one quad-pack on the inboard pylons of each wing for total of eight 20 kg AR-2 short-range semi-active laser (SAL) air-to-surface missiles with range of 8 km.

CH-5 Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance Combat Aerial Vehicle can stay upto 60 hours in air when on reconnaissance and upto 30 hours when carrying multiple air to surface missiles for destroying targets at ground.

 It is designed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation to conduct reconnaissance and strike missions

The CH-5 medium-altitude long-endurance (MALE) is 11 m long and has max take-off weight of 3.3 ton…

Corsair Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse

Corsair Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse The Corsair Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse is as an affordable yet feature-filled wired peripheral that’s a joy to to use. Combine this with creatively implemented lighting and a small yet welcome array of customisation options and you’ve a recipe for success.

Corsair Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse – Design, build and features
Having used the Corsair Glaive for a number of weeks, I have nothing but praise for its attractive and appropriately sized design. It fits wonderfully in my hand, striking an effective balance between size, weight and overall aesthetic. Coming with a trio of interchangeable thumb grips, you can spend time finding a design that best fits your comfort needs.

I had no issue with the default choice, although others offer a larger surface area upon which you can rest your weary thumbs. It’s worth noting travel speed is diminished slightly using the larger grips, but the difference is so minuscule most gamers won’t care too much.

Regardless, having t…

Best Earphones Flare Pro 2HD Review

Best Headset Flare Pro 2HD Review Not much room in an in-ear headphone, is there? Not much room for parts, nor much scope to have a tinker with the body. Not much room for manoeuvre, so no room to break out of the mould and make something really distinct.

Flare doesn’t subscribe to such pessimism. Getting on for a decade, the company has become much more visible as a supplier of profoundly powerful pro audio speaker systems and extremely efficient earbud-style ear defenders. More recently, it’s decided to bring some of its singular thinking to bear on in-ear headphones.

That’s led to these Pro 2HD earphones. At £400 a pair, they’re the priciest in-ear Flares so far – but the money buys both wired and wireless functionality, as well as deeply impressive sound.

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Flare Pro 2HD − Design
The Pro 2HDs are interesting, even before they’re out of the box. They’re packaged in what looks like a small anechoic chamber that’s been pulled inside out – and their various comp…

Best CCTV Camera Arlo Ultra Review

Best CCTV Camera Arlo Ultra Review Get The Product Reviews We are share all kinds of product review on Get The Product Reviews You Can Get Best Reviews Here The Nest Cam IQ Indoor was the first security camera that I tested to have a 4K sensor, although this model downsampled all footage to 1080p. That makes the Arlo Ultra the first camera I’ve reviewed to be able to save 4K footage, delivering some of the most impressive and detailed images that I’ve ever seen.

A few frustrations getting at this 4K footage, combined with the high price and currently broken activity zones, means that this system is hard to recommend in its current form. I’ll revisit the review when the cloud service has been fixed.

Arlo Ultra – What you need to know
Installation – A fully wireless camera, the Arlo Ultra can be attached to the wall using its magnetic mount and a single screw. You’ll need to place the base station near your router, as it connects via Ethernet.
Detection performance – Cloud activity zone…

Beats PowerBeats Pro

Design and comfort The Beats PowerBeats Pro have a sporty design. That Beats logo on the back of each earpiece automatically makes them street earphones too.

I find them near-perfect for runs, but there are no bright pink or lime green parts (common in sporty pairs) that might put you off wearing them with a business suit.

Beats makes the Powerbeats Pro in four colours. This all-black version is sultry, and the others are not remotely garish. The off-white “ivory” version has a black logo, the dark green “moss” a gold one. The dark blue Powerbeats Pro also have a gold Beats insignia. They’re due to arrive later in the summer.

Powerbeats Pro

These earphones are plastic and rubber. There are no metal parts, which can make a pair feel more expensive. Plastic keeps their weight low, though, which is important for the PowerBeats Pro’s stability.

A rubbery stem sits behind your ear. But, in my ears at least, only the silicone tips actually make significant contact with your skin. The “hoo…